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Just in case you were sad that "Milo" was over…

September 24, 2014

We will begin a Squatting (3RM) and Deadlifting (5RM) program.  Much like Milo, look you will set your starting weight at something you ABSOLUTELY OWN.  Today is Back Squat 3RM – hypothetically, if you his 300 for 3 last week, I recommend starting at 260.  Every week, like Milo, you will add 5#.

Unlike like Milo, it won’t be 10 sets of 3, it will be working to your target weight.


The goal here is to use a lot of working set to build to your target weight.  For example, if your goal is 260 for 3, I would do a set with the bar (45), a set at 135, a set at 165, then 185, then 205, then 225, then 245, finally 260.  That’s 8 sets.  As the weight gets heavier, you may use a heavier starting weight, but you will likely be adding sets to hit your goal weight.  This is considered adding volume, and it will make you stronger.

For example, let’s say you are 3 weeks in – that’s an additional 15# – with a goal weight of 275#.  My sets would look like 45, 135, 185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 275.  Depending on how I feel, I may even throw a set in at 165.  That’s 8-9 sets, 4 of which I would consider heavy.

Like Milo, I want to keep the rest periods short – 90 seconds to 2 minutes max.  In your early warm up sets, you should be squatting, adding weight, squatting, adding weight until you know it will be heavy.

As we go through this progression, plan out your warm up sets.  Know what your target weight is and have a plan to get there.  By week 6 or 8, you should be back to your original weight, but you will be at your PR lift, but you should blow past it with confidence.

Best Chest to Bar of the Day.

Best Chest to Bar of the Day.

Workout of the Day


Back Squat

Build to a set of 3.  This should be 30-40 pounds lighter than your lift from last week.



3 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

1 Strict Handstand Pushup


2 Strict HSPU


3 Strict HSPU…

KBS go up by 3s, HSPU go up by 1

To scale, you may do strict to a pad, kip HSPU, kip HSPU with a pad, or do wall climbs

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