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“Jumping in” to week 2 at CFO

December 12, 2011

CrossFit Oakdale will (allegedly) have the final push of our initial equipment order arrive on Monday.  We’ll be receiving our kettle bells, sick which will add more variety to the WODs.  We’re still expecting some 15# bumpers and 2 squat racks.

We ordered 15 jump ropes, visit web and have about 10 for gym use.  We will have a jump rope WOD on Tuesday.  If you have a jump rope, order please bring it Tuesday.  The problem with community jump ropes is, ideally, a jump rope should be fitted to you.  Ask Louis about using a rope that is too short.  Haha!  You fit a jump rope by standing on the center of the rope, and pulling it tight.  The handles should be in your armpit.  And community jump ropes take a beating.

I use a Rogue Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope.  This is my favorite jump rope ever.  It’s fast, precise, highly durable, and at 15 bucks, it’s pretty cheap.  I take my jump rope with me everywhere I go.  On my high school wrestling team, my coach issued us a jump rope with our warm up gear.  I have used leather, plastic, weighted, rope, you name it.  I would consider the any cable rope “high performance”; meaning you really want to know how to use it.  Missing with a cable rope can be painful, and you may get some interesting marks on your arms and legs.  Like you’re part of the whips and chains crowd…not judging;)

Buddy Lee makes an excellent jump rope, but the $15 version are nowhere near as durable as the Rogue speed rope (The $15 one isn’t on his site now. Weird).  The higher end Buddy Lee ropes are excellent, but who want’s to spend over $30 (with shipping on a jump rope.  I would recommend the Master Jump Rope ($27.95) if that’s the way you want to go.  The plastic Buddy Lee’s won’t beat you up as bad as any cable version.

I’ve just given you 2 options.  Shop around and find a rope that works for you.  We have some for $15 at the gym, and we can size it for you. The bottom line: GET A JUMP ROPE!  It is the easiest, lightest travel gym in the world.  Throw it in any bag, and you will have workouts aplenty.  Jumping rope, and it’s CrossFit tester, the double under, require speed, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy and cardiovascular endurance.  Master it!

If you have a jump rope that works for you that I didn’t mention, please post to comments, either here or on Facebook.

A very simple explanation by Again Faster (who also make Jump Ropes) on how to use the foam roller on your lower body.  Good stuff if you lunged all over the gym on Friday, and plan to squat on Monday.

Workout of the Day


Front Squat


Use 2 to 3 warm up sets.  You may lift from the rack, or clean the weight from the floor.



10 Pullups (CTB for advanced)

10 Front Squats 165/115

10 Burpees

This is a fast one.  Please scale to ability, should not take longer than 7-8 minutes.

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    Thanks for the killer workout and all the guidance and direction given!!

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