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Insights from a Film Critic

September 23, 2014

******WARNING*****Non- Fitness Material Ahead******

I enjoyed this article, visit mainly because I watch some of the shows mentioned and I have daily dealings with all levels of the public.  I know my wife and I woke up everyday, health and our fathers were usually long gone, working hard in suits and ties.  They seemed like grown ups in every sense of the word.  Now I roll out the front door in a t-shirt and sneakers.  I don’t know what this is doing for my kids image of work, although I think they know I go to work.

I especially enjoyed some of the insights into modern movies and immature behavior by grown men.  I haven’t enjoyed a comedic  movie in 10 years or more, and I think A.O. Scott explained why.

The Death Of Adulthood in American Culture by A.O. Scott

Chest to Bar Ques

1.  Elbows behind the Back 2. Head Position Neutral 3.  Try some Snap Pulls

Workout of the Day


1 Snatch – 3 Overhead Squat

Use this as a warm up for the OHS in the WOD.  If time permits, hit some sets above RX weight – 10-20%.


30 Chest to Bar Pullups

400m Run

15 Overhead Squats 135/95

800m Run

15 Overhead Squats 135/95

400m Run

30 Chest to Bar Pullups

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