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I “Heart” a Competition

January 10, 2013

CrossFit Combat Fitness is holding a Couples Valentine’s Challenge on February 9th.  This was a super fun, doctor low stress event that the Wesslings and the Huberty’s did last year.  Alison and I, ahem, won this one last year.  It’s held in an indoor soccer facility in Fresno.  There were fun, simple WODs, and it was a relatively quick day.  We look forward to heading down again this year.


This is an excellent entry level competition, as you can rely on your partner.  As long as they don’t give you too much heat for not picking up the bar.


Gina : Split Jerk

Gina : Split Jerk

Workout of the Day



1 Snatch followed by 3 Overhead Squats

Focus on solid technique and positioning.  On your OHS, try to drop smoothly under the bar as this will translate to better snatching.



8 rounds

Hang Squat Snatch* 75/45, 30 Seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Double Unders, 30 Seconds

Rest 30 Seconds


*Each Hang Squat Snatch must pass below the knee from the start of the rep.  So, if the weight is resting in the hip crease, the athlete lowers the weight below the knee, then executes a hang squat snatch.  The athlete must do this for every rep.  This should be a lesson in leverage and torque.  


This will be scored tabata style.  Your score is your lowest total per round of HSS and DU combined.

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