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Hydrate, homies!

June 09, 2014

After a gnarly heavy squatting WOD on Saturday, viagra buy I’ve shifted the front squat day to Friday.  Yes, cialis 40mg you will be squatting today – it’s bodyweight and fast, information pills not heavy.

Monday will be hot – make sure you drink plenty of water and eat properly.  I sprinkle a little salt in my water or take a NUUN tablet a couple of hours before exercise to ensure I don’t completely flush my fluids when I start working.

Clean and Jerk Monday, Snatch on Wednesday and Front Squat on Friday.

We will be releasing the details for the inter gym competition this week.  It is called “Death by Barbell.”  Like the Open, it’s 1 WOD that will require strategy, skill and guts.  We will have a scaling option.  The first weekend will be June 27-28 – like the Open we will give you 2 days to complete the WOD.

I will announce the late week WODs early because they are tough – Friday is a Squat Clean/HSPU couplet from CrossFit.com.  Saturday is the Hero WOD McGhee – I’ve never done it.  It looks hellacious.

Half your body weight in ounces of water – a good general rule to stay hydrated.  And a sweet, old school Infidel shirt.  You don’t see much of this anymore…

Workout of the Day


Clean and Jerk


Perform 1 Heavy Low Hang Clean and Jerk OTM for 5 minutes.  After your 5 lifts, drop the weight 10% and perform a Low Hang Clean and Jerk.  Then drop the weight 10% and perform a Low Hang Clean and Jerk.


100m walking lunge

800m run

100 Air Squats

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