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How often do YOU PR?

December 19, 2012

Why Can’t I PR Everyday? from Outlaw North.  After several years of training, viagra approved I have similar experiences to Jay Rhodes at Outlaw North.  I recently experienced a wave of PR’s in my strength numbers, hospital but that, for me usually means a low point in metcon scores.  Usually.  Aside from my first couple of years doing CrossFit when I PR’ed constantly, I have to take a measured approach.  Not PR’ing Fran or my Snatch doesn’t discourage me, it’s just reminds me that the challenge is worth it.

I don’t feel like I became a competent weightlifter until I “miracled” a lift in competition.  In the 2010 CrossFit Games NorCal quals, I hit a 240# Clean and Jerk, a 15# PR at the time.  In the weeks before the competition, I couldn’t make 220, even though my previous best was 225#.  I couldn’t make 240# for 2 months after getting it in competition.  I had to go back the drawing board and come up with a plan to start owning those weights.  I feel like I became competent lifter not because I made the lift, but because I started to learn the process to make lifts.

Some days, you have a fire lit under you and you make big lifts.  Some days, everything is zen, the planets align and you hit a big lift.  Some days are “high gravity” days and you suck.  Good days or bad, I try to still have fun with it – joke around, talk some trash, move heavy stuff and have fun.  Like Pat Sherwood said in that video, make it the best hour of your day.


Coach Nick giving some Snatch guidance during his first class on Tuesday night.

Workout of the Day




Heavy 5, add 10# from last week.  Things should be getting heavy.  You will need a plan, you don’t want to waste reps.  I would try to get to my target weight in no more than 5 sets.




Burpee over Box 24/20

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