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How many pull-ups does it take to get to 8 overhead squats?

May 06, 2014

***No 11am Class Tuesday, remedy May 6th***

Today’s WOD is the final event from this years Regionals.  I don’t know how to describe it – it’s kind of a couplet, cheap but not really, kind of a chipper, but not really.  What it IS is damn hard.

First off, most of you will have to scale at least 1 part of the WOD.  The Overhead Squat weight is very challenging, so use the strength session to find a challenging weight.  BUT…know that after 64 pullups that bar is going to be heavier than you think.

Scale the pullups as you normally would – bands would be fine here for scaling.

There is a 6 minute cap on the WOD, and a 4 minute cap on Pullups.  That means if you get done before move on to the OHS, but if not, stop where you are, record your number of pullups completed and try to get the 8 OHS done.

The OHS bar must come off the ground.  You may Snatch it, but the most effective way, for me anyway, was to Clean it up, put it on my back, jerk it up, then do the 8 OHS.  I got through them unbroken on my first try, but it was harder than I thought.

Scale smart, talk to a coach about how to scale and have fun.

Vanessa Climbs The Rope

Vanessa Climbs The Rope


Workout of the Day


Snatch plus 3 Overhead Squats

5 building sets.  Use these lifts to find a weight to use in the WOD


2014 CrossFit Games Regional Event 7

64 Pullups

8 Overhead Squats 205/135

6 minute cap

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