Kevin's Climb

Since 9/11, ambulance America has been in a state of war.  As these wars wind down, # 100mg and we begin to take inventory on what has happened over the last 13 years, I hope we continue to reflect on the lives lost and altered.
My bother served 9 years in the Navy with SEAL Team 4.  He just got out weeks ago.  I know he is proud of his service, and he is still in awe of the men he served with.  I also know he lost many friends over the years, and these losses hurt him terribly.
One of my brother’s close friends, Kevin Ebberts, was killed in Afghanistan on November 24, 2012.  I remember the phone call when it happened, and I can still remember the pain in his voice.
For so many that have served and lost loved ones, I’m not sure they really get a chance to say goodbye.  They usually get back outside the next day, and keep on mission.
The project Kevin’s Climb is an opportunity for Kevin’s friends and teammates to say goodbye and memorialize him forever by naming a climb in the Sierra Nevada mountains after Kevin.  My brother, his friend and teammate Josh and others will film this endeavor to further document Kevin’s sacrifice.
They are using kickstarter to raise funds.  Please feel free to give.
CrossFit Oakdale will be holding a fundraising WOD on Memorial Day.  Josh recommend the WOD dedicated to Kevin’s climb have pullups and burpees, as Kevin was a bodyweight stud.  My brother joked we better do it early, because Kevin worked out at 5am.
The goal of Kevinsclimb is to raise money to for Kevin’s teammates to travel, climb and film the first ascent that they will name after him.
Workout of the Day
1 set of 8, 70% of 1RM
Use a THOROUGH warm up, 5-7 building sets of 3 should do the trick.
For sit-ups, you may use the abmat and/or anchor your feet.