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Head's Up for Saturday!

October 07, 2014

Saturday’s WOD comes from Ben Bergeron at CrossFit New England/Competitor’s Training.com.  It is:

100 RFT

1 Strict HSPU (6/4 in. deficit for Regional athletes)

2 Squat Cleans 135/95 (155/105 for Regional athletes)

3 Burpees

This is kind of crazy.  It’s up there with Clovis as the longest WOD I can think of, viagra order and that has 10 miles of running in it.  BUT…I think we can tackle this as a gym.  This important part is scaling: time, cialis 40mg movements, viagra load to meet your ability level.

As always, scale the barbell weight to something you can do with sound technique.

For HSPU, the WOD says strict, but if possible, kip them.  If needed, use pads.  I WOULD NOT do wall climbs.  The only sub I would recommend is 1 push up.  That’s it.  But over the course of the 100 rounds, that 100 pushups, PLUS 300 burpees.  If this seems like a bad ideas, but you want to try the WOD, pull out this push completely and do 100 rounds of 2 Cleans and 3 Burpees.


This is where we really want to focus.  What would you consider a long time to work out and move hard.  20 minutes, although long, is something that we do regularly.  Even 30 minutes is not completely outside of the realm of what we do.  When we get over 40 minutes, you are likely entering uncharted territory.

First I recommend capping at 30 minutes.  For those of you that find 30 easy, but are looking to go a little longer, I recommend 40 minutes.  I also recommend working for 25 to 50 rounds.

Don’t let this intimidate you – it’s a lot of work, but it’s broken into very manageable pieces.  I am pretty experienced, but I am curious when things start to get really interesting.

Let’s find out together on Saturday.


Workout of the Day


Build to a heavy set of 5.  Add 10 to last weeks lift.  Use 7 to 8 sets to get there



Shuttle Sprint

12 Sumo Deadlift Highpull 75/45

12 Push Press 75/45

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