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Glassman 101

July 25, 2013

Thursday night at 7:30pm will be a CrossFit Express Class.

Plank hold is up to 4 minutes.  Yeesh.

I had a chance to go to a CrossFit Level 1 Seminar in 2007, stomach and  turned it down because I had no intention of coaching.  Haha.  At the time Greg Glassman was running the seminars and many of the CrossFit “luminaries” that you see running the company were his seminar staff.  If you’ve ever wondered why CrossFit as a company runs the way it does, see why CrossFit gyms may share a name but little else and where the contrarian attitude comes from, discount it’s all Coach Glassman.

FYI – shave your hands.  Lots of pullups on Friday…

Workout of the Day


5 rep High Bar Back Squat with a 3-5 second pause

The pause Back Squat is as much about positioning as anything else.  Before a Squat, and sit at the bottom for a good 3 count, if possible a 5 count.  Like CC says, “1 watermelon, 2 watermelon, 3 watermelon” then UP!  If possible, have a partner count for you.

Build to your best set in 20 minutes.


3 rounds, each for load

Perform 20 box jumps (24/20), then farmer’s carry the heaviest load possible around the parking lot.  Transition immediately from the Box Jump to the carry.  You may rest as much as needed between sets.  The goal is completion of a walk – score will be the heaviest single round without dropping the weight.  Use KB or DB.

There is some strategy here.  Your grip may be freshest on the first round.  Unless you are Don and you have a grip of steel.

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