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Eating Zone/Paleo at Disneyland: A How To Guide

January 22, 2013

PSYCH!  It’s freaking Disneyland!  Have a Corndog for crying out loud.

Please post you favorite Disney treat to the FB page.


It’s a little dark, order but we scored a corn dog later in the day!

Workout of the Day


High Bar Back Squat

3 sets of 1, look 90% of 1RM




Ladder Up 8

1 Thruster 95/65

1 Kettlebell Swing

2 Thruster


3 Thruster…

Keep going up, adding 1 rep each round.  How high can you go???

KBS weight: Go as heavy as possible while maintaining a tight middle.  Don’t be afraid to swing the 70 for the guys or the 53 for the ladies.

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