Fitness Expo Weekend


Fitness Expo Weekend

Alison and I, view along with the Wesslings, approved took a road trip to LA to visit the Fitness Expo.  This was our first interaction with the greater “fitness” community.  The room was filled with body builders, sildenafil Zumba masters, supplement hawkers, pole dancers, sumo wrestlers, strong men and more.  It was a sight.
CrossFit had it’s own little corner with the “Battle of the Boxes” going on, which was a standard team affiliate competition.  The reason we traveled to SoCal was to take on the CrossFit Kids obstacle course.
The highlight of the event for me was meeting Jeff and Mikki Martin.  Alison got to meet them back in 2010 when she attended Kids Seminar. The Martin’s are one of the original affiliate owners, running Brand X in Ramona, CA.  The Martin’s created the CrossFit Kids program and are the originators of scaled versions of .com WODs.  Brand X hosted some of the original CrossFit Seminars and continue to direct concepts that CrossFit HQ uses.

At LA  Fitness Expo with Jeff Martin

At LA Fitness Expo with Jeff Martin

Workout of the Day
Max Effort Monday
Clean and Jerk
Build to a Heavy Single
Set up a barbell with 75% of your 1RM Clean
12 Rounds
30 Seconds
Perform 1 Clean, then as many burpees as possible in the remaining 30 seconds.
Rest 30 seconds
Your score is the weight you lifted and the total number of burpees complete.
If you miss a clean, do not make another attempt in that 30 seconds.  Just do burpees.

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  1. Rick

    I’m glad you got to meet Jeff and Mikki. Two of my favorite people in the world. They’ve changed millions of lives and are two of the most down to earth people I know.