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Congratulations ALL Around

July 19, 2013

First off GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS to Jake and Ryan for their First Muscle Up! Oops…forgot to mention they have been here for less than two weeks and are new to CrossFit. They were working with “Muscle Up Whisperer” Coach Christine. Hopefully we can see either the video or just watch them in person using them in WOD’s in the weeks to come!

Moving on with the Congrat’s – This time let’s talk Pushup Challengers! 15 people started in the challenge. For those who finished, cialis 40mg essays were written on their personal take of the past 60 days. 1, click 830 pushups were completed by 7 people.  Each of the challengers took on a 60 day challenge and gained more that just a ton of pushups under your belt. They slayed some goats and pushed each other…in fact I think there were people not involved in the pushup challenge who were joining in with post-WOD pushups.

Vanessa  not only did them at the gym, but at home with Bill as a family – Luke and Caitlyn joined them as well! Denny is a cheerleader for all, not only getting that goat, but there to work with his “WOD family”.  Derek replaced sugary energy drinks with pushups at work. Robin and Amanda now do pushups on their toes, in larger sets and I have seen them crush some WOD’s that have pushups in them. Trevor made so much progress that he is continuing 60+ pushups every other day! Craig did them at work and other law enforcement officers joined in. This is Gloria’s 4th challenge and she has completed every one of them.

I will be posting the essays in a notes section on Facebook. Please take the time to read them. Let me know if you are a robot and don’t tear up at the end of Amanda’s. After telling Chrys that she had missed a day and had to do 99 pushups that day, Chrys said to her “You need to repeat that sentence and listen to what you just said. You did 99 pushups today. On your toes. Not long ago you couldn’t even do one. You need to think about how far you’ve really come.”

All essay writers will be receiving Nick’s Stick’s Jerky as well as Sox Box “Fighter” sox. I hope to have the prizes by next week.

Please make sure you congratulate all those who went above and beyond!

Sled Pulling is WAY more fun when you can chat with your weight!

Sled Pulling is WAY more fun when you can chat with your weight!


Workout of the Day

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6 Clean and Jerk 135/95

6 Burpee Pullups



6 Clean and Jerk 135/95

6 Muscleups





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