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Clark Especial

May 09, 2012

Is there a more Oakdalian place the Ferrarese’s?  Great local food, visit web large portions and good prices.  And of course, our Oakdale boy, Chance, has a special sandwich at Ferrarese’s.  We tried to order it over the weekend, and screwed it up.  You’ll have to ask Chance about the specific’s but it’s delicious (and not paleo).  The sandwich is known as the “Clark Especial”.

What’s you’re favorite meal at Ferrarese’s?  Please post to Facebook.

Chance should have his own workout to go with the sandwich.  At the Moxie Throwdown last year, Chance took second against a tough field  in a total gut check WOD: Max Over head walk for distance with a 95 pound barbell.  Chance locked incept his head top, and just kept going, passing other tough competitors with sheer will.  When he finally dumped the bar, he had walked farther than any athlete before him.  His distance held up until the final heat, but it was an amazing event to watch.  So today, it’s called the “Clark Especial”.

Chancey Pants to some, Mr. Pants to others. Either way truly “especial” and we are lucky to have him at CFO.

Workout of the Day



5RM, Week 7 of 8

Things are getting heavy!  Please make sure you take adequate measure to be warmed up, and take rest between sets as the poundage increases.  3 to 5 minutes between heavy sets.


“Clark Especial”

95/65 Overhead walk for distance.

There is no time limit.  Walk as far as you can with the barbell overhead.  If the barbell comes down, the workout is terminated.  Have fun and go far!

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