Are you PAGAN?


Are you PAGAN?

Saturday is the Recon Run Free Kid’s Mud Run in Tracy. If you haven’t signed up your kid, this click here.  It is 400m with some obstacles thrown in. Let us know if you are attending the mud run and we can all meet at the gym and drive up together.
There will be no classes at CrossFit Oakdale this Saturday since we are headed out to the run. We will be doing some sort of WOD out there for the adults, ambulance so be prepared. I would also be prepared with an extra set of clothes and shoes for those muddy little buggers who come off the run.
ReconRun was kind enough to offer 2 free mud run tickets to their event in June. If you are interested in these tickets, pharm we will be competing for them in the next few weeks. Let Alison know if you want to be part of that.
PAGAN from Talk to Me Johnny.  Goat leggings and getting Swinglined.  John has a way with words.  I was born in the late 70’s, and I’m a child of the 80’s.  I never watched the original Dragnet, but I too was a fan of the Ackroyd/Hanks version.  I just never equated it with hard core strength training.  Silly me.

Showing a little love post Overhead Walk.

I had to add this picture from this evening. Melissa shows when you have a goal you should put it out there. She wanted 235 for 5. She GOT 235 for 5. AWESOME JOB!

Workout of the Day
“Legs and Lungs”
400m run
21 Burpees

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