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November 01, 2012

RX Means RX


What Do You See? (A bail out plan)


2 great articles by Freddy C. of CrossFit One World.  These articles are fairly “hardcore.”  Freddy has been doing CrossFit a long time, treat and he’s seen a lot of stuff.  I’v been doing it nearly as long, capsule and our approaches are similar in training – we take it seriously, ask emphasize strength and safe, efficient movement, but we don’t take the “game of CrossFit” too seriously.


I will admit I’ve mellowed on things like RX and scaling.  I will generally allow whatever scaling options an athlete thinks they need, and I don’t tend to over-emphasize earning the RX.




It is important for this stuff to be hard.  I want you to understand that certain tasks are difficult and take time and work to develop.  I want you to WANT an RX next to your name.  I love when an athlete comes to the board and reminds me “I did that RX” so I write it down, memorializing the accomplishment.


But as Freddy says, an attempt is not an accomplishment.


Jen during “Nate” on Wednesday.

Workout of the Day


5 Rounds, for Reps


Power Clean 45 Seconds, 135/95

Rest 15 Seconds

Box Jump 45 Seconds, 24/20

Rest 15 Seconds


Please keep a running count of reps to yourself, as it will be difficult to record scores in the 15 second rest breaks.


If classes are full, we may ask you to “flip” the WOD, and start with Box Jumps.


If you are able to Clean 225/155 or greater, and equipment allows it, there will be a “scaling up” option.  Ask a Coach.

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