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CFO on Be Strong Podcast

April 17, 2013

Be Strong Athletics Podcast #2.  I was a guest with Casey Hutnick on the new Be Strong podcast.  We talked about the Opens as test of fitness, price picks for the the Games, site Olympic weightlifting shoes and some odds and ends.  It’s CrossFit nerd stuff, but I’m a CrossFit nerd.  If you actually listen to this for 42 minutes, you’re probably a CrossFit nerd, too.

In this video, Glenn Pendlay explains and demonstrates Position 1 of the Snatch.  We will be really drilling this position in the coming weeks and months.

Workout of the Day


3 Position Snatch (Pos 1 (High), Position 2 (Just above the Knee), and Position 3 (Ground).

Build to a heavy set.  Focus on hitting position 1.  If this means going lighter than previous, go lighter.



1 Suicide Sprint

8 Burpee Over Box Jump 24/20

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