The Sport of Fitness


The Sport of Fitness

With Open behind us (and the first taste of CrossFit competition for many) we can look forward to testing our fitness in different venues.  I would like CrossFit gyms to operate like a Club – yes, salve we want you to train with us.  But I would like all CFO Athletes to compete in some level at something.  Whether it’s a 5k, a softball league, a weightlifting event or, yes, the sport of CrossFit, we want you to get out there and test your fitness.
With the growing popularity of CrossFit, it’s getting easier and easier to find competitions to test yourself.  I will keep my eye out for high quality, relatively local competitions.  As the sport grows, we are seeing more and more variation to the theme – Masters, Team, Partner to go along with standard individual competitions.  We even see some form of “invitationals” where you have to be invited to compete in higher level comps.  How do you get invited?  Compete and do well.  This sport is a meritocracy.
Hannah W is competing at TJ’s Gym in San Rafael this Sunday in the 13-15 girls category.  Yes, there are competitions for 13 to 15 year old girls.  This is amazing, and incredibly exciting to me.  Girls lifting weights and pushing each other to get more fit?  Was this imaginable 10 years ago?  I can’t wait to head out to the Bay Area on Sunday to watch the action.
Rookie Rumble 2 at Hercules CrossFit.  Registration opens April 22, the event is on Sunday, June 16.  If you are relatively new to CrossFit, this is an excellent place to start.  It’s not too far and it’s made for newer athletes.  I have been to comps where I think the programmer was trying to kill me – you wanna look out for those.  Hercules will be a challenge, but a good place for Athletes that are developing their fitness.

Todd R During Tuesday's Squat Fest

Todd R During Tuesday’s Squat Fest

Workout of the Day
FGB Style 3 Rounds – 5 1 minute stations.  After each round, rest 1 minute.  Keep a running count of your reps.
Deadlift 225/155
Weighted Step Up 35/25
Sled Push
Push Press 95/65