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CFO at the Royal Rumble

August 20, 2018

We had a bunch of athletes compete in our 4th annual summer CrossFit competition, but I wanted to take the time to highlight some outstanding performances by CFO’s own.

First, here’s the truth: competition is hard. Very hard.  Any time you plunk your money down, you are putting your fitness, and your ego, on the line.  You may have high expectations.  May may just want to not finish last.  When a bunch of people show up, there can only be one winner.  And everyone, no matter what they say, would like to win.  Maybe you are very mature, but most athletes, at the very least have expectations they want to meet and exceed.  That may be a placing, a score or a time, or a person you want to beat.

A big part of competition, and why we want you to get out there and compete, is learning to deal with failure.  If only 1 person wins, did everyone else fail?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But fitness is more a journey than a destination.  Competition puts you in a situation where you get to test yourself against a stricter set of rules, fiercer competition, and other factors.  Like heat.  Or being dehydrated.  Out not eating enough.  Or eating too much.  Or not getting the bar you want.  Or getting a bad judge.  Many times we go into a workout with a plan, but as you may know, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. The enemy could be heat, a bad judge, a bad plan, your own fatigue, or SO many other factors.  To paraphrase the Buddha, it’s not the thing, it’s how you respond to the thing.

If you screw up a round, do you stop the workout?  If you bomb a workout, do you leave the competition?  If you have a bad comp, do you give up fitness?  Gosh, I hope not.

Remember, this stuff is hard!

 It’s supposed to be hard.  We test athletics, but we also test will.  You don’t become a tough SOB overnight.  You build that tough suit of armor one piece of mail at time, one session at a time.  Each experience, each win, each loss, builds your that suit of armor you take into battle.

Even if you learn that competition is not your bag, at least you are leaning something.

Chelsie, Jill, Katie, Victoria, Lizzy, Brooke, Wendy took on their first comp!  Way to step up and test yourself ladies!  And Wendy completed her CrossFit Level 1 Seminar last weekend.  That’s a lot of fitness!

The woman’s scaled field was stacked!  We had nearly 20 athletes in that division alone

Lizzy and Brooke competed in their first individual competition.  Brooke was the highest CFO finisher, taking 4th over all and taking second place in the finals.

Lizzy also made the finals and PR’ed her Clean & Jerk by 15 pounds.

Amie took first in the “Royal Rumble” workout!

Bryce finished 6th in the Dog Collar Match and 7th in the Royal Rumble and just missed the finals in a solid RX division.

Jill took 6th in the Dog Collar match!

Connor took the battle of the 15 year olds over Finn – by 1 point on the leaderboard!  Connor rocked the Royal Rumble and the Burpee Pullups, while Finn dominated the barbell work in the Dog Collar Match.

I’m sure there are some great accomplishments I’m missing, but Alison left my notes at the gym…she’s almost perfect.

Workout of the Day

21 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

21 Situps

18 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

18 Situps

15 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

15 Situps

12 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

12 Situps

9 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

9 Situps

6 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

6 Situps

3 Pullups

100′ Walking Lunge

3 Situps

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