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Battle of the Cookie Monster

December 22, 2011

On Tuesday, erectile I lost the Christmas cookie battle.  I will live again to fight another day, but I wanted to share my experiences.  I have exactly been crushing nutrition recently.  It’s cold, produce isn’t as exciting this time of year, I’ve done some traveling and attended parties.  All these factors have led to some poor nutritional decisions.  I’m not beating myself up mind you, but I am aware of my mis-steps.


Usually, work is my strong hold for nutrition.  I pack my food, normally lunch and 2 snacks.  I am very disciplined about my eating during the week.  This Tuesday, the wheels kind of came off.  A friend did cookies as part of their family Christmas cards, and around 10am, I decided, “What the hell” and had 2 in the car.  When I got to my other office, SOMEONE had left a Costco cookie tray by the bosses office.  These bad boys are colorful, and there are A LOT of em.  Now, if I’m going to break down over some cookies, it usually isn’t some mass produced junk, but maybe my palate isn’t as developed or disciplined as I like to think.


I proceeded to go back and forth to the cookie tray, eating one at a time.  I knew I was chasing the insulin demon.  I could feel the effects of each cookie, the sugar rush and the drop off.  I threw a See’s Candy down my neck to top it off.  By 2:30pm, I was pretty much grumpy and tired from the sugar over dose and called it quits.  In the end, I didn’t go on a crazy cookie binge.  I felt like I slowly chipped away, and in the end, did the same damage.


This stuff is going to happen.  I’m not beating myself up over it, and neither should you.  I am really going to try to keep my cookie/sweet intake to set times, like with my afternoon coffee, as opposed to grazing throughout the day.  It seems like we may be on the backside of the Christmas cookie hill, as work seems to be winding down.


Why is this photo so hard to see?  Cause we worked out in the DARK!  We had a power outage at about 6pm, and it laster till nearly 7pm.  We had some bad mofo’s get their sweat on in complete darkness, with only their breathing to move them on.

Workout of the Day



Clean and Jerk

Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes




7 Cleans 95/65

20 Situps

Advanced athletes: Squat Clean

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