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Back from the Dead(lift)

November 28, 2012

On Wednesday, dosage we will begin a Deadlift progression that will carry us to the New Year.  We will Deadlift a heavy set of 5 each week.  This strength session should take 30 minutes or so to ensure you are properly warmed up to pull a heavy 5.  A Heavy 5, view to me, case means your hands stay on the bar as you pull all 5 reps.  Your back must maintain a PERFECT LUMBAR CURVE FOR ALL 5 REPS!  This is the most important part.

We have done many movements to develop strong backs: heavy squatting, tons of work from the hang position on the Olympic lifts.  During CrossFit WODs, and looking forward to the Open, you will need to Deadlift well.  You may be required to lift light for large sets, heavy for small sets and heavy for large sets.  Depending on load, reps and other factors, your lumbar curve may get loose.  But, if you use this training period to focus on PERFECT reps, you will develop the strength and muscle memory necessary to allow you to Deadlift whatever CrossFit HQ or some mad programmer with the confidence that your back is safe.  But it is on YOU during the training sessions to Deadlift perfectly.  I don’t care how big the number on the board is if the reps on your heavy 5 aren’t PERFECT.  Perfect practice makes PERFECT.


If you did the Deadlift progression from this summer, I would subtract 20-30# from your best lift and start there on Wednesday.  The goal is to add 10# every week while maintaining PERFECT Deadlift form.  Work with your partner to ensure your lumbar curve is tight.  Ask a coach to watch a set.


CrossFit OG Story:  CrossFitters wear flashy socks.  Why?  It is my belief that in the early years of CrossFit, when we deadlifted all the time, we really really focused on keeping the bar close to your body (which you should).  Because we were keeping the bar so close, we scraped the barbell along our shins, leaving DNA all over the place.  As a solution we started wearing high socks.  I know this because in 2007, I bought my first pack of white tube socks in 20 years.  On deadlift days, and later Olympic lifting days (as we realized how important the O Lifts were), we would wear our high socks.  We all looked like dorks in junior high.  I would carry my socks in my bag, and only put them on when I had to lift, and take them off immediately.  But I kept my DNA off the bar.  Very quickly, CrosFitters started adding flair to their sock choices (I have some sweet Batman socks thanks to Robin!)  Now, you go to a CrossFit gym or event, and you see a sea of colorful socks under Inov-8s and Reebok Nano 2.0s.  And these shoes have crazy colors too!


The moral of the story: if you are pulling the barbell off the ground, protect your shins.  Wearing high socks will go a long way to protecting your shins.  If you don’t wear high socks, and you bash your shin, please clean down your bar with the lysol wipes we have by the barbells.



Workout of the Day




Build to a Heavy 5.



Run 800m

35 Handstand Pushups or 15 Wall Climbs

Run 800m

If it is raining, sub runs with 150 Doubleunders.

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