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April 13, 2012

3 Years of CrossFit and This is What I Have Learned from Sara at CrossFit NYC.  My CrossFit experiences are very similar to Sara C’s, visit this but mine took longer.  I followed the main site religiously for 2 years, help and I started RX’ing after my first year.  The first WOD that came up once I committed to doing everything RX was “Elizabeth”.  I did it in 26:13.  This is way too long, and I probably wouldn’t let a CFO athlete take this long (we’d drop the weight).

BUT…I learned a TON doing this stuff by myself.  I had no coaches, so I watched videos over and over, and read everything I could.  I wouldn’t trade my experiences and failures, because they’ve carried me to where I am.  I have followed some of the programs that Sara describes (Starting Strength, Wendler for strength; CrossFit Strength Bias, OPT and CF Football for CrossFit stuff and more).  If you find new programs that interest you, ask me about them.  If I haven’t heard of them, I’ll look into it.

That being said, in my opinion, CrossFit  is THE program.  It doesn’t have to be CrossFit.com, but in the spirit of the program:  Constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.  The other thing I believe in strongly is the importance of working out in a group setting.  Whenever I have pulled back from CrossFit in a group, and done specific, individual programs, my performances suffered.  I don’t really approve of pulling away from the CrossFit methodology to get stronger or better at gymnastics.  I prefer the slow, steady approach of working hard 4 to 5 days a week.  I do love  “goat” or weakness work.  Do it before or after WODs, but remember the priority:  A challenging, balanced WOD done in a group setting.  This is strong medicine.  Let it work for you.

Hot Buttered Coffee on a Cold Rainy Day

Workout of the Day


1 Handstand Pushup

1 Pistol (just 1 per leg)

1 Ring Dip,

then do 2 of each movement, then do 3, then 4, keep going up until 7 minutes is up.

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