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June 16, 2015

Pete By Tricia Wessling

As usual, I am excited for WHO’s WHO so, without any further to do, allow me to introduce PETE ANDERSON. How were you introduced to CFO? When did you realize CrossFit was for you? My son plays baseball with Denny’s boy Brody. I was asking Denny questions about CF and he’d always...

Kelsey By Denny Ferreira

We all have the physical ability, day in and day out, to provide influence, purpose and meaning to those that we interact with. Be it through the generosity of a helping hand, paying someone a nice compliment or just a smile. We have the physical ability to truly do good for our...

Rocky Anderson By Thomas Giles

This month’s spotlight athlete is Rockford ‘Rocky’ Anderson. Rocky came to us less than a year ago and has been working his butt off since day 1. Every day that he comes into the gym he brings a positive and supporting attitude. Not only does Rocky give 120% effort into his...

"The Chief"

I am genuinely excited about tomorrow’s CrossFit Benchmark – it’s not a “Girl” – or even a Hero WOD per se – but it is an excellent test of fitness.  It challenging, dosage repeatable and easy to assess to process. The progress is what I...