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2014 CrossFit Games Open: Arte Et Labore

January 21, 2014

The CrossFit Games site is up and running.  I’ve registered a team for CrossFit Oakdale, check so make sure you sign up as CrossFit Oakdale as an Affiliate and as a Team.

It’s $20 bucks and it’s a great event to test you fitness against everyone in the world (that exercises competitively at least).

For a CrossFitter, buy more about this is OUR SEASON.  Come together, work hard, support each and get sweaty.

This year’s motto: ARTE ET LABORE.  Look it up.

“Blocking” for efficient burpees. Smart.

Workout of the Day


Shoulder Press, 5 sets of 2, 90% of 1RM

Take 10-15 minutes to warm up.  If this weight feels heavy, which it may, us the 95% 1RM rule



5 Left arm dumbbell thrusters 45/35

5 Right arm dumbbell thrusters 45/35

5 Burpees

Rest 5 minutes, then repeat the AMRAP 5.  10 total minutes of work.  Pick up round 2 where you left off.  With the rest, focus on fast, snappy and efficient burpees.

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