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13.3 Recap

March 25, 2013

13.3 is all done!  How are your legs feeling CFO???  That is a memorable WOD – you remember it every time you walk down the stairs, troche get out of the car or sit on the toilet.  I did the WOD 2x, erectile I iced after attempt 1, erectile and used Epsom salt after attempt 2.  I was much less sore after the epsom salt.  But maybe my body was wired for squatting after 150 wall balls…


CFO stepped up big time on 13.3.  We placed 29th in the region, our highest placing at team ever.  We moved up to 42nd place in the region, up from 53.  We are in the hunt for Regionals.  The top 30 go, so we need all the scores we can get.  Nick is solidly in a qualifying spot, and Jen and I are close.  Hopefully we will see some favorable WODs and earn our spot in Regionals.  Let’s keep up the momentum.


Last year, we had 3 athletes complete muscle ups in this WOD.  This year, we had 9!  Nick, Louis, Chance, Trevor, Paul, Denny, Justin M (on a Sunday re-do, 24 hours after getting 207 reps), Jen and myself (and Danny T. unofficially got 6 muscle ups – making it 10).


Denny’s story was the most exciting.  Denny is pretty new to CrossFit, but he comes to it with a high fitness level, athleticism and tons of heart.  He’d been fighting for his first muscle up for weeks, knowing that this type of WOD was coming in the Open.  Denny nailed his first muscle up on Thursday as he was practicing for the WOD.  As many of you know, it’s one thing to have a movement fresh, it’s a completely different thing to try an advanced move or heavy lift when tired, especially one that is brand new.

Denny stayed steady through the wall balls and doubleunders, and made it to the muscle ups with around 2 minutes to spare.  After an early miss, Denny jumped on the rings, pulled to a catch, and to the cheers of the gym, pushed out his 241st rep.  BAM!  Denny nailed 2 more for a score of 243.

Trevor put on a similar show, as he did 13.3 on Friday night after everyone had gone.  We were all hanging out, so of course we cheered him on.  Trevor was extremely steady on the wall balls and double-unders, making to the muscle ups with about a minute to spare.  After an early miss, Trevor locked out a muscle up for his 241st rep to the cheers of the gym.  Badass!

Great work and great memories…more to come in the last two weeks of competition.


There is a lotta love.


Workout of the Day


Hang Snatch

Build to a heavy single




7 Hang Power Snatch 95/65

7 Box Jump and Over 24/20

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