Oly Lifting Seminar and Links


Oly Lifting Seminar and Links

There are still spots available for the Olympic Lifting seminar with Charles Shipman on April 13th.  The sign up sheet is on the desk at the “pro shop.”
Fitness is…Bodies by Blair Morrison
My Top 10 Fitness Books.  I will admit, look I have not read any of these.  I have held Supertraining (it was Coach Jim Schmitz’ copy) in my hand, more about and was intimidated by it.

Justin M - Muscle Up

Justin M – Muscle Up

Workout of the Day
High Bar Back Squat
3 sets of 3, 75% of 1RM
Final set is a 3 second pause set (pause at the bottom of the squat).
3 Front Squat 185/135
12 Pullups
Heavy loading here.  Try to go as heavy as possible in sets of 3’s.  This should not revert to singles, as the cleaning the barbell should become too taxing.