What to Do in 60 Days Before You Turn 60 from Invictus.  This interview is worth it because of this line, viewStart CrossFit at 55. If you can’t start at 55, order then start at 56. Don’t be worried about the age that you start CrossFit at. The important thing is that you start doing it as soon as possible!”
After 3 weeks of the Open, page it seems like a good time to recognize the outstanding performances of some our Master’s athletes.
Robin C is in 7th place in her age division in NorCal.  Robin took 3rd in the 60+ on 13.3 in NorCal!!!
Don Q is in 31st place in NorCal with a 17th place finish in 13.2.
Janet S is in 13th place in a very competitive division (3 athletes are in Games spots) with a 10th place finish in 13.1.
Denny is in 17th place in his age Division with a 10th place finish in 13.2.  Denny has been clutch all through the Open, making a huge improvement on a re-do of 13.1, strategizing the beejezus out of 13.2 and getting his first muscle up on 13.3.
These folks are not our only master’s competitor’s but I wanted to highlight their accomplishments.  Like most of us, these folks are not professional athletes, just “regular” people that have embraced fitness and the challenges it presents.
*** Don’t forget 6:30pm will be the Open WOD and not the one posted below.***

Gloria is a well seasoned Athlete - second year in the Open!

Gloria is a well seasoned Athlete – second year in the Open!

Workout of the Day (*6:30pm will be the Open WOD)
Run 200m
10 Deadlift 185/135
10 Hand Release Pushups