"Yard Sale"


"Yard Sale"

I’m not sure you folks have been paying attention, but I really tried to not program burpees since this whole world wide pandemic hit. I mean, life is hard enough without having to fall down and get up again.

We did them with the second workout from the CrossFit online competition, but it ain’t me, babe.

Plus, burpees are basically the easiest thing to program. Do a bunch, and guess what? The workout is hard.

Well, tomorrow, burpees.

My front yard is about 10 yards. I bet you can find 10 yards of grass, or driveway, or parking lot, or alley, even a hallway. Find 10 yards. But an object 5 yards out. There’s your track.

Run 5 yards and touch the line. Run back to to the start and touch the line. Run to the 10 and touch the line and back to the start. Finally, back to the 5, touch and back home. That’s a 5-10-5.

Lizzy is back on the Kombucha train! This is a fun new thing to learn during this time.

Workout of the Day

5-10-5 Shuttle Run
2 Burpees
Every round the burpees go up by 2

Accessory Work

Not for time
Hip Bridges
3 sets 20
If possible, put your back on a bench/couch and put a weight on your hips and squeeze

Plank hold
Accumulate 3 minutes in plank postion
Every time you break, perform 10/5 pushups

20 4 Way dead bugs

20 Alternating deadbugs