Game Night!


Game Night!

Tomorrow night we will have an EPIC Game night. Kids only from 7:30pm-8pm. Adults will be from 8:00 pm on. We will be playing Quiplash. You will need access to the internet in order to play.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

ROMWOD 8:30am Click Here to Join

CrossFit 9AM Click Here to Join

GAME NIGHT 7:30pm Click Here to Join

FYI – I am going to re-do the Support You Local Box workout #2 on Friday at 9am on Facebook. YOU are going to re-do workout 1 tomorrow. Think about how you did it. Did you break pushups? How? Could you go unbroken more? Did you go out too hot? Too slow? Your memory should be pretty fresh, and we’ve don a ton of pushups and squats since two weeks ago. Let’s find out!!!

Workout of the Day


Every minute on the minute for 10 Minutes perform 5 Heavy squats –
Back, Front, Goblet, weighted lunge, Split Squat, etc.



Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
• 10 squats
• 9 dumbbell snatches, right arm
• 10 push-ups
• 9 dumbbell snatches, left arm