WODS for Festivus Games!


WODS for Festivus Games!

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  • WOD 1 – Gettin’ Chippy With It (Cathlen Carter)
  • 10-Minute Time Cap– 20 Bar-Over Burpees
    – 30 Back Squats
    – 40 Sit-Ups
    – 30 Back Squats
    – 20 Bar-Over Burpees
    WOD 1 Standards 

    Bar-Over Burpees – Burpees must be performed with the bar lateral to the athlete. The athlete must get their chest and thighs flat to the floor. When getting flat to the floor or back up, athletes may jump both feet or step one foot at a time. The rep is complete when both feet have touched the ground on the opposite side of the barbell. Jumping or stepping over the bar are permitted. The rep is complete when both feet are on the ground on the opposite side of the bar. The next rep must begin with the athlete lateral to the bar. 

    Back Squat – The bar starts on the floor for the first rep. It’s then lifted and placed behind the neck prior to beginning any descent. At the bottom of the squat the hip crease must pass below the top of the knee. A rep is complete once the hips and knees reach full extension at the top. The bar cannot be dropped from the back to the floor. 

    Sit-Ups – Sit-ups begin with the athlete lying on the back, feet in a butterfly position on the ground, and the hands touching the floor above the head. The athlete then curls up until the hands touch the TOES. An AbMat is allowed but not required. If used the AbMat must be positioned at the lumbar spine. 

       Intermediate Men: 115lb
       Intermediate Women: 85lb
       Novice/Masters Men: 85lb
       Novice/Masters Women: 55lb

    Score 1: Time to Complete
    (Add 1 sec for each incomplete rep)
  • WOD 2 – Curtis Over Under (Festivus Games)
  • PART 1AMRAP 5 Minutes
    – 3 Festivus Curtis Ps
    – 9 Box Overs 

    Rest 1 Minute
    PART 2With a 2-Minute Cap
    – 100 Double Unders –OR– 150 Single Unders (Athlete choice) 

    WOD 2 Standards 

    Festivus Curtis Ps– 1 power clean, 1 reverse lunge, 1 reverse lunge opposite leg, 1 shoulder-to-overhead = 1 Festivus Curtis P rep. 
      Power Cleans – The barbell must be cleaned to the shoulders in one motion. At the top, the hips and knees must be fully extended with the feet in line, the bar racked on the shoulders, and the elbows in front of the bar. 

      Front-Rack Reverse Lunge – The athlete will then step back with either leg until the back knee touches the ground. They must then bring the back foot to the starting position with knees AND hips fully open and extended and then do the same movement with the other foot and knee. 

      Shoulder-to-Overhead (S2OH) – The Festivus Curtis P is complete once the weight is fully locked out overhead and over the middle of the body. A shoulder press, push press, push jerk or split jerk may be used, as long as the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees are fully extended, and the bar finishes directly over the body with the feet in line.If, before the Festivus Curtis P is complete, the barbell ever lowers below the shoulders the rep must be started over from scratch with the barbell back on the ground. 

    Box Overs – Athletes start standing with both feet on the floor. Athletes may jump up or step up to get both feet on top of the box. Both feet must be on top of the box at the same time before jumping or stepping down on the opposite side. Athletes canNOT just jump OVER the box. Athletes do not need to stand up completely while on top of the box. They may face any direction while mounting and dismounting. No part of the Athlete’s body, other than the bottom of the feet, may touch the box to assist any part of the movement or catch balance. The dismount must be on the opposite side of the box. 

    Double Unders – This is the standard double under in which the rope passes completely under the feet twice for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count. 

    Single Unders – This is the standard single under in which the rope passes completely under the feet once for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count. As long as the rope continuously moves forward any hop over the rope is fine with each turn. Feet do not have to be together. 

    Any athlete of any division may choose to do either doubles or singles as long as the required reps for either are performed. We realize many boxes use a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of singles to doubles but the data of actual athletes performing singles and doubles supports equalization near our ratio of 1.5:1 singles to doubles. 

      Intermediate Men: 115lb
      Intermediate Women: 85lb
      Novice/Masters Men: 85lb
      Novice/Masters Women: 55lb

    Box Variations:
      Intermediate Men: 24in
      All Others: 20in

    Score 2: Reps in the 5 Minute AMRAP 
    Score 3: Time to Complete DU or SU
    (Add 1 sec for each undone rep at cap)
  • WOD 3 – Dead Deader Deadest (Festivus Games)
  • It’s back from 2015 – You choose the load!
      Max-rep deadlifts in 30 seconds separated by 1 minute 30 seconds rest X 3 rounds
    0-3:00 minutes
       Athletes begin with an empty bar. Athletes will load the bar and begin their warm-up sets. Athletes may change the load as often as they want during these three minutes. Within these three minutes athletes must have their bar loaded at the weight they will perform the three rounds of 30-second, max-rep efforts. The bar load cannot be changed after this 3-minute warm-up period.  

       Max deadlift reps 

       Rest (load stays the same) 

       Max deadlift reps 

       Rest (load stays the same) 

       Max deadlift repsWOD 3 STANDARDSThe WOD begins with an empty bar on the floor and appropriate plates nearby to accommodate 275 total pounds (Male Intermediate) or 215 pounds (Everyone else) including the bar. 

    Deadlift – With arms straight throughout, with hand grip any the athlete chooses, and in a conventional stance with hands outside the legs, the Athlete will lift the bar to full hip extension finishing with the shoulders behind the bar at the top. The bar is then lowered quickly to the floor without bouncing. Touch and go is permitted. The object, for each of the three 30-second max-rep efforts, is to complete as many good repetitions as possible. Sumo stance is not allowed. Athletes are not allowed to touch the bar before the MC says “Go.” If an Athlete touches the bar before “Go” the Athlete will be told to stop and restart. 

    Score 4: Load X total reps of 3 efforts combined
    (e.g. 135lbs used, 1st all-out 20 reps, 2nd all-out 19 reps, 3rd all-out 18 reps = 57 total reps. 135 X 57 = 7695)Instead of a standard “strength” WOD we’re shaking it up a bit. We don’t want this to be a gasser and we don’t want an all out 5-rep dead lift or whatever. We LOVE, and think you will too, that this WOD involves strategy. Should you go 185 pounds X an average of 20 reps per set? Or is it better to go 180 for 21 reps average per set? You might see another person with 185 on the bar – same as you. But that means nothing. How many reps are you each going to perform with three 30-second all-out efforts?
  • WOD 4 – Ball and Chain (Kevin Pierce)
  • Two 2-minute Rounds
    – 20 Wall Ball
    – Max Cals on Rower with Remaining Time 

    On 3-2-1-Go! Athletes will perform 20 wall balls and use the remaining time of the 2-minute round for max calories on the rower. At the end of two minutes the MC will announce it’s time to begin the second and final 2-minute round of the same. The WOD is exactly four minutes. There is no break between rounds. WOD 4 Standards 

    Wall Balls– For the first rep, or anytime the ball is on the ground, the Athlete picks the ball up to a standing, full hip extension position with the ball in the front-rack position. The Athlete then squats until the hip crease is below the top of the knee. The Athlete stands up and throws the ball to hit the specified target. After the first rep, the Athlete catches the ball, squats to hip crease below the top of the knee, then stands and thrusts the ball to the height of the specified target. 

    Row – The athlete’s feet do not have to be strapped in. The damper can be whatever the athlete chooses. At the start of the WOD the monitor will be reset to zero calories. Wall Ball Variations:
       Intermediate Men: 20lbs/10ft
       Intermediate Women: 14lbs/9ft
       Novice/Masters Men: 14lbs/10ft
       Novice/Masters Women: 10lbs/9ft
    Score 5: Calories Rowed 

    WOD 4 may be run as a “floater” -OR- as part of scheduled heats like the other three WODs. It is up to your Host. If it’s run as a floater there will be a designated area with a judge always present and athletes will determine for themselves when they get it done and so it doesn’t interfere with their scheduled heat times for the other WODs. A floater is always run first-come-first-served. If WOD 4 is run as a floater your Host will make it clear what time the WOD must be completed by.
  • There will be no FINALS WOD for the April 18th Individual comp. The top three Individuals after all the WODs above are complete, in each division, will make the podium!
  • We will provide standards videos at least 8 weeks before the event. We reserve the right to tweak certain movement standards between now and then. Keep checking back here for modifications.
  • Ties are automatically calculated so they don’t take up extra time with an extra tie-breaker WOD at the event.If two Individuals are tied after 5 scores then the system looks at the raw score of Score 1 and sees who actually did better of the two. The one with the better Score 1 gets the higher placing – the tie is broken. But what happens if those two Individuals have the same Score 1? Then it looks at Score 2 and so on until it finds the Individual who did better – that Individual gets the higher placing. It’s all automatic and doesn’t require Hosts to figure out some tie breaker WOD and take extra time on an already long day.Some will say “Well ya but, had I known that I would have strategized better.” We feel this way – As an Athlete you should be giving your best for every WOD regardless of whether it might be a tie-breaker. 
  • Adaptive athletes, or those who are uninjured and otherwise healthy, but who have a limitation that prevents them from performing any of our event movements according to standards, are welcome and may still register to PARTICIPATE rather than COMPETE. However, any rep or movement sequence not performed according to our WOD standards will not count or be added to the score. Festivus Games is feats of strength for the rest of us, but it is a competition. Therefore, it’s important that any rep and WOD sequence scores be according to uniform standards when COMPETING for a podium spot. Adaptive or otherwise healthy but limited-movement athletes should contact their specific Host directly to confirm accommodations that may be needed to facilitate PARTICIPATION. Also, athletes PARTICIPATING rather than COMPETING for podium should communicate with their judge for any WOD where additional scaling will occur so judges aren’t verbally calling “No Rep!” even though they will not be counting the reps not done to standard.