Winner! Winner! Cookie Dinner!


Winner! Winner! Cookie Dinner!

How fun was this silent auction!! Thank you to everyone who donated procured donations. All of the $$ will go to Barbells for Boobs.

If you missed out – you can donate directly HERE.

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. It could be a parent, a sibling or even a friend who has a parent or sibling. Staying ahead of the game is the most important thing. Barbells for Boobs not only provides mammograms for women who may not qualify through their own insurance or may be uninsured, but has an amazing resources program once they are diagnosed.

Barbells for Boobs works with women as soon as they are diagnosed to get them into the best fighting shape to kick cancer’s A$$. I am proud to say that CrossFit Oakdale will be able to provide these resources for those diagnosed, in treatment and remission.

There are two women, survivors themselves, who might be my personal heroes. They have gone through hell and back, and fight for women in all that they do through the Barbells for Boobs Foundation.

One is close to home, Cathy White of Fresno, who has guided me through the process of working with Barbells for Boobs. I love every single time Cathy walks through our doors. She continues to do everything she can to stay active and healthy, even through knee surgery rehab. She is truly an inspiration. Thank you Cathy, not only for introducing me to a “pickleback,” but for welcoming me to this organization.

The other woman is Megan Adams, of CrossFit Milford, in Connecticut. You probably know we are east coasters. You may hear it when my mixed up accent comes out. I went to high school with Megan. While we were not apart of each others lives after that, I am proud to say I knew she was badass then, and I definitely know she is now. She is one of the faces of Barbells for Boobs, a survivor herself who has made this foundation and CrossFit a passion. Both industries are lucky to have her. No one wears a unicorn head to raise money better than her. Even better, her younger son is all in for the cause. I look forward to seeing him at the Games in the future. Thank you Megan for all that you do. You wear a pink tie dye better than our high school jumper.

Alright, alright. I know you just want to know if you got the cookies….

“Cookies and Milk” donated by Ashly F – $25 to Terri Taylor

Luxury Basket donated by Chelsie – $40 to Laura Antrim

Jaylene’s Chocolate Chip Cookies from Justin P. -$35 to Terri Taylor

Amanda H’s Pumpkin Roll from Amanda H – $18 to Alison Hub

Gluten Free S’mores Cookies donated by Stephanie Hicks – $15 to Alex Cav

2 Dozen Custom Made Sugar Cookies donated by Alison Hub – $45 to McKenna Calton

Crispy Crunch Snacks from Justin P – $32 to Shannon Crawford

Mary Kay Cosmetics donated by Gloria M. – $40 to Terri Taylor

Wine Basket donated by Jacob D – $31 to Lizzy Wright

Set of 3 Assorted Color Key Chains donated by Tricia Wessling – $20 to Terri Taylor

Set of 3 Rose Colored Key Chains donated by Tricia Wessling – $15 to Kyra Busam

Starbucks gift basket donated by Terri Taylor – $35 to Kyra Busam

Spooky Date Night donated by McKaughan Family – $20 to Terri Taylor

Donators and Bidders – I AM GRATEFUL TO ALL OF YOU. Happy Friday. Items are ready to be picked up when you can. If you leave edible for more than 3 days…I can’t promise anything. You have all met my family.

Workout of the Day

Hello 20.3

Deadlifts, HSPU, Deadlift, HSWalk.

Maybe a push press, maybe a pushup, maybe a bear crawl. Come in, be judged and have fun:)