Who did it better?


Who did it better?

A few weeks ago, we set out on a challenge of Lunging vs. Swinging. It might have been more of a mental challenge, especially when we flipped it and double the challenge time. The first few weeks we went strong. Butts grew out of pants and abs were making their way to the surface.

Congratulations to the Swinger of part 1 of the challenge. There were 12 people on the KB Swing team who picked up that cannonball a total of 17,229 times. Average per person was 1435.75 swings.

The top Swinger was Terri Taylor with a whopping 3500 kettlebell swings. Second place went to Mitch with 3000 and third place was Gloria’s with 2200 swings.

Part 1 for the Lungers was pretty exciting as well. Totaling 14,688 lunges for a team of 13 people broke down to 1129.85 lunges per person. Not too shabby!

Top athlete with the most lunges was Justin E. with a total of 3004. I think he might have lunged back and forth from his car just to rack all of those up. 2nd place went to June with 1754 and then Victoria with 1340.

And now time for Part 2. 🙂

Team Kettlebell Swing took the lead again with a total of 1341 swings between 2 people. June and Christian averaged 670.5 swings a piece for their team, with June hitting 1126 on her own.

Team Lunge had 5 people participate in the second half and they completed 910 lunges, averaging 182 per person. Canadian Lizzie had the most lunges for her team with 340.

What did we learn?

Lunges make bigger butts.

Kettlebell swings though not as accessible, can be done with. more reps in one sitting.

Flipping a challenge does not increase the motivation for the challenge itself.

Thanks to all who participated! For those whose names are underlined – you get the be in charge of the music for one class. (nothing offensive please – you can even play country:))