It has been so wonderful to get back into the swing of things since before Winter of 2020. 

Thank you for your adjustment to change in 2020 and the changes that have been coming. Not all changes were bad, cleaning of equipment and the scheduling of classes have been the best changes to come out of it all. 

We have taken down the tape squares and have been able to get back to using the gym floor like we used to. We are lucky to have coaches that are creative and thoughtful in their warmups. Because of this, we are asking that you refrain from setting up your spaces/grab equipment before class starts. The coaches will let you know what they want you to grab and when. It is all a part of their flow:)

Also important is communicating with your coach injuries and schedules. If you have to leave the class by a certain time, let the coach know. We can adjust if we know what the plans are. Again, our thoughtful coaches have planned out the hour, and are pretty quick on the fly, but advance notice is ALWAYS helpful.

Going forward, starting this week, we will be canceling the Friday 5:30am class. This is due to lack of attendance. 

We will also be requiring you to sign up for the 5:30am class by 9pm the night before. This way we can let the coach know if the class has any attendees. If not, we don’t want to make them show up to an empty, cold gym.  There will also be a no-show fee for classes signed up for, but not attended. That fee will be $10. 

Class sizes have increased to a cap of 15 members. If there is an equipment limitation, we will cap the classes with less people. This makes it EXTREMELY important for people to sign up for class. There will also be a $5 fee for showing up to class without signing up.You may even have to do a backup workout depending on limitations. You will definitely get your fitness in, but please sign up for classes. 

On the flip side of that, if you show up for a class we had canceled but was not properly communicated on the MindBody App, we will give you a $5 credit towards your next month’s bill 🙂

Quick  Change recap:

No 5:30am class on Friday

$10 fee for No Show

$5 fee for showing up without signing up for the class

Avoid setting up your space until the coach lets you know the plan.

These changes will be in full effect Friday, 5/13/22.

Thank you for your patience in our ever changing world of CrossFit Oakdale. We are continuously trying to make it a better space for everyone. We couldn’t do that without you!


CrossFit Oakdale