What to expect at CFO


What to expect at CFO

Yesterday, remedy I posted on the ideas behind CFO’s programming.  Today, tadalafil we’ll talk about what to you should expect to see in a given week, and how this will build out over the coming weeks and months.
CrossFit Oakdale will hold “pure” strength sessions 2-3 days a week.  I used to program 4, but I found this left me tired and depleted.  Never say never, and never say always, but I generally like to have a day where the focus is a “slow” lift (usually power lifts, heavier loads/less reps) followed by a day with the “fast” lifts (Olympic lifts, lighter loads/higher rep ranges/faster movement) or vice versa.
Strength is the foundation of fitness.  Even marathon runners need strength.  We will spend a great deal of time focusing on strength: power, speed strength, muscular endurance and more.
CrossFit recommends a schedule of 3 days of training, 1 day off.  This is a tough schedule for an individual to follow.  I know from experience; I did this for 3 years plus.  3 on, 1 off is nearly impossible for a gym to follow.  Now, I personally train 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off.  You should talk to Alison and I about what your weekly fitness schedule should look like.  I would NOT recommend doing every WOD that we post in the week.  Pick your days off, and rest/recover.
On Monday’s and Tuesday’s, we will start with strength training.  The strength session will be followed by a short duration metabolic conditioning (metcon) workout, usually lasting 4-10 minutes.
Wednesday’s, we will have longer WODs, usually ranging from 15 to 20 minutes with a slant to monostructutal work (running, jump rope, rowers when we get em, swimming when we build the pool – probably kidding about the pool).  That doesn’t mean barbells or gymnastic work are out of the equation here.  Think WODs like “Nancy” or “Nicole”.
Thursday’s will be similar to Mon/Tues, with a short metcon at the end.  Remember, short almost never means easy.
On Friday’s, we plan to work in Benchmark type WODs; the girls, heroes, or interesting WODs we find in our CrossFit “travels”.
On Saturday’s at 9am, we will hold bring a friend WODs.  We anticipate keeping these WODs to basic movements in the 15-20 minute range.  They will likely be partner and team WODs, allowing to you to work with the friend that you dragged along.  We may or may not post this WOD.  Depending on weather or attendance, we may be forced to change it up.  We WILL post the movements being done, so you can spend the evening perfecting your range of motion in the mirror.
On Saturday’s at 10am, we will hold an advanced class.  I would love to come up with a name for this one.  Shark Tank or Fight Club come to mind.  This “class” may or may not be structured.  If you are interested in the “Sport of Fitness”, this is the class for you.  We hope to see visitors that are interested in competing in CrossFit events like the Reebok CrossFit Games or other CrossFit style competitions attend these classes.
Every training session will end with some “core” work.  Not a ton, but every day we want to finish with a core strengthening session.
Sunday is a rest day.  Rest may mean laying on the couch watching football, but rest can ABSOLUTELY be active.  Playing sports, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends are essential for recovery and well being.
Yesterday, I asked you to read Foundations.  Today, please read “What is Fitness“.  If Foundations defines and asks the question, What is Fitness provides the answer.  The ten general physical skills, the 3 metabolic pathways, elite fitness in 100 words, it’s all here and more.

The bottom of the squat, whether in the front or back rack, performing a thruster or wall ball shot, requires a strong trunk.
Workout of the Day
5 sets of 3
Work up to your heaviest set.  Focus on driving all the way through on the thruster: no jerking.
30 Wallball Shots 20/14
21 Pullups
30 Wallball Shots
15 Pullups
30 Wallball Shots
9 Pullups
50 Knees to Elbows (or Knees to Chest)

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  1. alexis Patrick

    Mike andand i had a great workout lasthave night. Definitely feeling it today. Meeting everyone last night was awsome. We will definitely be ordering our goodies when ready. See ya Thursday