What is Meathead Monday?


What is Meathead Monday?

Don’t forget – the CrossFit Oakdale Open Door Competition is Saturday – 5 minutes of Cindy (5 Pullups, drugs 10 Pushups, look 15 squats), 5 minutes to establish a Snatch, 5 minutes of Cindy, 5 minutes to establish a Clean and Jerk.  The standards on Cindy are the basic CrossFit standards – chin over the bar on the pull-ups, chest to the ground and full extension on the push up, and below parallel and full extension at the top of the squat.  We expect people to move fast and we understand this may be difficult to judge.  These are the standards – we are not interested in your buttlerfly to eye level, worm ups and good morning/air squat hybrid. 

Meathead Monday!!! As many of you know, every Monday is international Chest and Tri’s day.  In honor, we max effort Bench Press on Monday! This will be followed by max effort Deadlift on Wednesday and max effort Back Squat on Friday. There will be face melting conditioning workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.

We have not done a lot, or really any, significant bench pressing at CFO.  Please use the benches that we normally use to sit on or keep our water bottles and towels.  Because we only have 2, we can also use the ply boxes and lay yoga mats down.

Now, you can bench press more weight by taking a wide grip – this shortens the range of motion and recruits more of your chest.  But for CrossFit, you will be pressing, cleaning, pulling, muscle upping, hand standing, jerk, and many other things basically with a clean grip.  I recommend you use your clean grip to perform bench.

Please go to our Facebook page for the 2 other videos on the Bench Press I posted.

Further, I don’t wrap my thumb on pull-ups and toes to bar.  I never wrapped my thumbs growing up on the bench press, but I implore you, wrap your thumbs. 

Next week, starting April 11, we will begin a 9 week cycle of “The Cube” a strength program designed by Brandon Lilly. We did this in 2014 to excellent results. The Cube is a percentage based program, and we will work off the best lifts of the Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat.  So, in the next week, find and know your numbers.

Workout of the Day


Bench Press

In 20 minutes, build to your best possible Bench Press.  Use a spotter!  Be a good spotter!


100 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Every minute, including the first minute, perform 5 medicine ball cleans 20/14