What a weekend!


What a weekend!

Tomorrow is the last day of Sh%t That Don’t Fit. Tuesday starts Drunken Patriots. I look forward to your creativity!
Hand stand pushups are coming – says Brian. He is a betting man.
This weekend was full of events!
SOS Fun Run in Oakdale

June came is 1st in the 60-69 age group – 5K in 26:19
Will 9-12 year olds 5K 37:39 
Modesto Marathon
Chance 26.2 miles – 4:24:06
Vanessa W  26.2 miles – 3:45:30
Paul G 1/2 Marathon 1:57:29
Sonia H  26.2 miles – 4:02:05
CrossFit Open 18.2 MVP

Ready or Not Beer We Come – Brooke H. came into Wrestlemania week with a strong wrestler action figure game. Brooke is settling in nicely to her first CrossFit Open and seems to enjoy being competitive. She also PR’ed her clean TWICE – at 107 and then 117. – Coach Tricia

WOD SQUAD – Austin T – The grit and determination he exhibited during the dumbbell squats was an outstanding example of his toughness. Also his theme week presentation was on point. -Coach Tim

The Tribe – Amber is our 18.2 Tribe MVP. She did 18.3 twice and CRUSHED her time AND her lift the second time. She has also shown that she is UBER supportive of her team. – Coach Denny

Dreaming of Phitness – Amie had a phenomenal wrestling outfit as well as KILLED the workout. She continues to be such a supportive teammate. – Coach Brad

Masters of Their Domain – American Lizzy finished 18.2 and PR’ed her lift by 25#. We are always trying to get her to lift heavier – I guess she listened:) – Coach Brian
Workout of the Day
Back Squat 
5×3 @ 75%
Alternating OTM 16
30 seconds work/30 seconds rest
Power Cleans 185/115
Handstand Pushups