Weekend Update


Weekend Update

CrossFit Oakdale had a fantastic day at the CrossFit Merced Holiday Throwdown.  First off, information pills I have been to many CrossFit competitions, advice but the venue was absolutely outstanding.  CFM threw their event on The Vista Ranch, a winery with all kinds of stuff for everyone to do.  The kids could roam, do corn mazes, play tetherball and more.  In so many events, you’re chilling in a parking lot.  We travel with a large contingent of kids, and we can make do.  That’s fine, but this venue made it a really fun day.
Second, the event was very well run and moved along efficiently.  The WODs were easy to understand and score.  The judging was well executed.  The crowd was family friendly and well behaved.  My only gripe, and it is absolutely minor, is there was so much going on, it was hard to catch everyone in their events.  I never got to see Emmaline do a WOD, which is a freaking shame.
What’s the big news?  CrossFit Oakdale did amazingly well!
Nick finished in 2nd place in the Men’s RX Division.
Gloria and Robin finished in 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Women’s Masters.
3 CFO Athletes on the podium.  HELL YEAH!
The finals were a winner take all event, and Nick missed the winning the whole thing by 2 steps in a yoke carry.
The top 6 men’s and women’s RX earned spots into the final event.  Of the 12 spots, Team CFO had 3 athletes in the finals.  After 4 WODs, Nick entered the finks in first, Jen (in her second CF competition) entered in 3rd, and Chance made it in 4th.  The men’s field had 100 athlete’s, and the girls had over 30.  This was a strong field, but I don’t think any other gym had as many athletes in the finals as Team CFOBOOMSAUCE!
As far as individual WODs:  Jen won the run, and Nick finished second.  Robin won the run, beating Charm Mathis (the 3rd Fittest Master’s Athlete in the world).  I took 3rd in the front squat/pullup couplet.  Nick and Jen were both incredibly balanced, finishing in the top 10 of all the WODs, while Chance was near the top 10 in all.  It was Chance’s balance across the domains tested that earned him his 4th place spot.
Gloria and Robin continued to trade 2nd and 3rd’s throughout the day, solidifying their podium finishes.
Now onto the PR’s…
It’s hard to keep track, but it was so much fun to watch Team CFO athletes bang out PR Clean and Jerk’s and climb the leader board.
Don- 195#
Gloria – 90#
Robin – 85#
Brian – 275#
Emmaline Clean and Jerked 115#. Emmaline weigh’s 115#. That is an incredible accomplishment. She also finished 16th out of over 30 RX Women in the Front Squat/Pullup WOD. She has come a long way with her pull-ups and the barbell. No longer does she fight either piece of equipment, but she attacks it. What a great Athlete.
We had one team in the competition. Bob, Tricia, Denny & Alison were a well oiled machine in every WOD. They planned and rehearsed the Clean & Jerk during the week and everyone hit their goal. Tricia and Alison hit 135#, Denny had 185#  and Bob 225#. The Buy in for the run went smoothly with each member completing 15 rep of 155# Cleans for men and 155# Deadlifts for the ladies. Alison took off first with the 20# med ball and appreciated the relief of Bob and Denny to pass it off to. While Bob and Denny got to the finish line first, all members went through together as a team. They pushed Big Bob – a monster 6 person sled in 1 minute and 39 seconds. No e-brake either…pushed straight through. All in all they came in 19th out of 31 teams.
No matter what the numbers were…wait for it…we all PR’ed on FUN! We came together around 7:30am and didn’t part ways until after10:30pm. Pretty sure we would have stayed longer if we weren’t kicked out of Firenze’s (because they were closing and not the Ric  Flair “woo“).
Another great CFO weekend in the books!

Workout of the Day
Max Effort Monday
Hang Squat Snatch
Parking Lot Run
10 Burpees to Plate

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  1. Anthony - CrossFit Merced

    CF Oakdale is a great crew. Thanks for coming out to the Holiday Throwdown. You were incredibly well represented on the leaderboards. Great job.