Week of the 2021 CrossFit Games


Week of the 2021 CrossFit Games

I’m incredibly excited to geek out over the 2021 CrossFit Games. I have not been a CrossFit podcast listener, but I started delving into it over the last year when the world of CrossFit exploded last May. The folks I listen, Sevan’s podcast and Talking Elite Fitness both use Brian Friend as their lead statistician. This dude knows how to break down the field and highlight interesting stories as the week plays out.

The Games also mean a dump of interesting workouts. The best is when we get not necessarily new movements, but new rep schemes, combos and ways to test fitness.

CrossFit is pushing the Virtual Games this year. It’s another leaderboard and another chance to get your $50. But you get a t-shirt. I plan on programming these workouts as best I can, in fact, I already have. We will row 5k on Thursday and test our 5RM Deadlift on Friday – these are previously announced workouts for the Virtual Games.

SugarWOD may be slightly confusing, but here’s what I expect to do on Monday. You will test your overhead squat 1RM. To do this, if you have good mobility, you should be able to squat anything you can put over your head. That’s best case. You may find you are better putting the bar over your head, so by all means, lift heavy. I would suggest you continue to try to squat that weight, but if you fail, record your best overhead weight and your best overhead squat weight.

A final, important note: the most efficient way to put something over your head is from BEHIND the neck. This is perfectly acceptable tomorrow. But you don’t have to go behind the neck.

Workout of the Day

5 sets of 1

Shoulder to Overhead

Overhead Squat

Core Not for Time


Floor Thrusters

Snap to Hollow