Week of October 5, 2019


Week of October 5, 2019

Congrats to CrossFit Oakdale athletes that took on the Peace Officer’s Memorial run in Modesto. Chelsie and Jack ran in their full work gear – and Chelsie went to work! Keri, Rocky & Don got in on the fun, too. Brooke pushed her daughter (while her son pushed along on a scooter). Alison ran her first 5k in a really long time (insert laughing emoji HERE) and Jordan had his first 5k – his longest run ever.

Workout of the Day

Alternating EMOM 20

Min 1 3 Thrusters – add 5-10 pounds to last week

Min 2 – Burpees to touch 6′ – work 40, rest 20

2 numbers for score – numbers of burpees and weight