Week of May 5, 2019


Week of May 5, 2019

We will continue to do the CrossFit Games workouts this week. On Monday we will work the Snatch workout in and Tuesday we will work the Thruster workout in with the back squat.

I would like to do the 80 bar facing burpees, 4k row. But if I did, one of 2 things would happen. A: No one shows up. B: 20 people show up. Then we have 6 rowers for 20 people. So, if you are dying to do this one, save it for open gym on Thursday (this week.)

Happy Birthday Caitlin!!

Workout of the Day


3 Position Snatch

Build to a heavy set in 15 minutes


With a 6 minus cap

30 Snatch 135/95

30 Strict Handstand Pushups