Teams to watch this weekend – Bryce and Brian, Alden & Cody W (CrossFit Sonora) and Tim and Connor!

We will have a 9am ONLY class on Saturday, workout and then come on down and cheer on CFO in Modesto. Resident CrossFit is located at 523 Glass Lane.

Tuesdays’s workout is very challenging. I reduced the back squat work slightly – it should get your legs ready to do a bunch of thrusters. The goal of the workout is to do it as close to the RX as possible, the clock is extremely aggressive. If you do RX thrusters, I wouldn’t worry too much about how you are going to do your C2B. It’s probably only going to be an issue for the fittest folks in the world. Is that a challenge? You bet.

For those that look to go deep, you will need to get through the thrusters pretty quick, but you don’t want to blow up. Think about the sets you used in 19.5.

Workout of the Day

Back Squat

3 sets of 3, 70%



45 Thrusters

45 Toes to Bar

45 Cleans

45 Chest to Bar Pullups