Week of June 9, 2019


Week of June 9, 2019

This will be the second hot week of the year, but it looks like it will be hotter than last week, with some days well over 100.

Some good things about the heat? You don’t have to spend a ton of time warming up. You can bring hot coffee tot he gym, and you don’t need to warm it up.

But seriously, please make sure you are drinking water and eating nutrient rich food.

I will try to adjust the workouts so you are not a sweaty mess trying to do a lot of bar work. Now, I always seem to screw this up – I try to make “easy” workouts and they end up being brutal. So, drink water.

We will be testing our max effort lifts; snatch on Monday, 3RM back squat on Tuesday, clean & jerk on Thursday and front squat on Friday.

Workout of the Day



Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes


For time

50 Power Snatch 95/65

Every time you break, perform 5 burpees. If this workout seems easy, perform 50 squat snatch instead of 50 power snatch.

10 minute cap