Week of 6 June, 2021


Week of 6 June, 2021

We will begin the second phase of the Ben Smith Squat Program this week. The program changes slightly, in that instead of going up and getting heavier and heavier, you will work heavy in smaller sets. Then, drop the weight a bit a do MORE reps. Monday, it’s heavy 3s, then a drop set at 6s. On Friday, it’s heavy 2s and drop sets at 5.

The warm up sets are essentially the same. I have provided percentages for the heavy sets. Feel free to use these numbers, but the option to go up a bit is there. In the Ben Smith program, he provides a little more room to make some weight decisions, going heavier if you so choose.

Like phase 1, let me suggest being conservative here, and letting the program build. Please re-read Denny’s post on phase 2. He really got after it on the heavy sets, sapping his strength for the drop sets. The drop sets ARE where you will really make your money. They are going to feel light, then by rep 4 you’re going to feel like you’re gonna die. That’s normal and the crux of the program. Act accordingly.

FYI if you saw the competition teaser on instatory….stay tuned – more info to come:)

Pre Squat


5 Air Squats

5 KB Swings

Back Squat for load:
#1: 5 reps @ 30%
#2: 5 reps @ 30%
#3: 5 reps @ 30%
#4: 4 reps @ 50%
#5: 3 reps @ 65%
#6: 1 rep @ 78%
#7: 3 reps @ 82%
#8: 3 reps @ 82%
#9: 3 reps @ 82%
#10: 6 reps @ 75%
#11: 6 reps @ 75%