Week of 29 November 2020 – Holiday Programming


Week of 29 November 2020 – Holiday Programming

Alrighty, lets get serious about getting fitter-er over the holiday month. Things tend to get a little busy, but we still want to have a solid plan in place.

Basically, every Monday will be a Front Squat/Burpee session. You will perform 5 recorded lifts, and 5 sets of burpees. Each week, record your best front squat set. In addition, add all your lifts, plus all your burpees for one big total number. Each week, try to game it to make that number big by going heavier and faster. For example, if your best front squat was 275, and you did 4 other lifts at 225, 235, 255, 265 plus 90 burpees, your score will look like: 275/1345. That should be a fun little thing to build on for 4 weeks.

We will continue to drill the weightlifting each Wednesday. We will alternate with the Snatch one week, and the Clean the next. The final lifting session will be on 23 December.

On Tuesdays, we will continue to build in the Open type movements in an EMOM style workout. Probably lots of handstand work there…

Workout of the Day

Front Squat

5 sets of 3

In SugarWOD, record all your lifts. For the board, just your highest triple.

5 sets for reps
Burpees to touch
40 seconds work, 20 seconds of rest
Score is total number of pounds lifted across 5 sets plus total number of burpees completed