Week of 11 April 2021


Week of 11 April 2021

Congrats to Jack O who completed in the 2021 CrossFit Games Quarter Finals over the weekend. Jack improved his position by over 1,000 places from his open performance in the North American continent! Great Job Jack!

The age group online qualifier will take place in the first full week off May – so more fun to come. Let’s hope we don’t have 30in box jumps! It was like a sniper was shooting folks in the leg as they hit the top of the box after some heavy, heavy snatches.

We will re-test our back squat tomorrow. In anticipation, we’ll do something I’ve always wanted to do – a walk out. It’s very simple – load the bar. Rack it on your back. Walk out the rack like you are going to squat. Stand there for 5-10 seconds. Feel the weight, organize your body – rib cage down, hips under shoulders, put pressure on the bar, take a big breath. Walk it back in. That’s it. Don’t record this – just do a weight that is over you anticipated 1RM attempts. This will get your body ready for the 1RM tomorrow.

And a note on Monday’s workout. There is a workout call the Secret Service Snatch test. It’s as many KB snatches in 10 minutes. I don’t know if this is a test they actually use – it’s pretty cool if they do. I kind of doubt it…but whatever. For our purposes, you will be allowed to switch hands whenever you like, you can put the KB down when ever you like, and you can snatch our clean and jerk the KB.

For 15 minutes

Perform a heavy “walk out”

Super Agent Test

As many Kettlebell from hang to overhead as you can
You can use the snatch or the clean and jerk
You can switch hands as much as you want