Wednesday 2/27/19


Wednesday 2/27/19

Please LUAU me to make a post about the theme this week…it’s Hawaiian. I don’t want to LEI it on to thick. BUT did you know that June is 49th in the WORLD in her age group?!?! This is the highest score by any CrossFit Oakdale Athlete in the world. She shows up every day, rows when she is done dropping of her keys in her locker and giving a good morning to Alison in her office. She completes ROMWOD because she like to be swole & flex (even though she hates the word swole) and moves like we hope will we will at the age of 60. Congratulations to June on a world class performance.

June and Don will be competing in the Festivus games on April 27th in the Masters category. Find your coed partner and get signed up!!

Workout of the DayStrength


4×5 Clean grip from a deficitConditioning


3 Power Cleans 185/125

9 Box Jump and Overs 24/20