Weakness-Mental or Physical?


Weakness-Mental or Physical?

We just finished up the Open – if you haven’t yet, you are going to love 19.5.

How did it go? You may or may not have found a weakness you were unaware of. You may have known that weakness was there. For me it is shoulder stuff…and of course the dizziness. But dizziness corrected, I felt very strong this week going into 19.5. My mental strength did not make me physically stronger to rock out chest to bar pull-ups like a boss though.

That led me to think…are our weaknesses physical or mental? Clearly my mental game was up, I wasn’t even too concerned about the thrusters, was ready to stay calm the whole time and tackle the pull-ups when I got there, well or poorly. But does my mental game stop me from working on my weaknesses throughout the year? Do I skip classes/workouts that have movements I am not great at, because I don’t want a lacking performance?

I have come a long way in my fitness pursuits since I started in 2009. My goal was a pull-up and at 50# heavier than my current weight, I figured that out in 6 weeks. How do I find that drive again for muscle ups, handstand walking and handstand pushups?

Why is there shame in my game?

I don’t completely have an answer for this – which might be the first step in the process. Leave that ego at the door. Striving to be the best at something helps you grow more than thinking you are the best and have nowhere to go. Work hard. Don’t skip the hard work. It’s the only way to build a better you.

Workout of the Day


Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes

Bench Press

Build to a heavy single in 20 minutes