Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

Tomorrow evening, illness Wednesday night at 7:30pm is the first get together of the  Knitting Club. We will be meeting at the Oakdale Veterinary Group – 20 South Stearns Road. If you have experience, we will be knitting some “knockers”. That’s right – prosthetic breasts  that will be donated in February  to women who have undergone mastectomies. You can read more at the Knitted Knockers website. If you have no experience, we will give a tutorial on basic knitting. Since this event is happening after dinner, there will not be a meal per se. If you would like to bring after dinner snacks, feel free! And remember the Whole Life Challenge is coming up so more chocolate more better.
Speaking of the Challenge…The Whole Life Challenge begins on Saturday. We will be kicking off the event on Friday the 15th at 6:30pm. Measurements, Photos and the baseline WOD will take place that evening. After all of that fun, we are going to hang out, chill out and chow down – please bring your current favorites that will not be allowed for the next 8 weeks. If you are on the fence about doing the challenge, come and play with us Friday night. Our team is currently 35 people strong and we would love to have more. Any questions can be directed to Coaches Sarah, Christine or Alison.
We will also be doing the baseline WOD on Saturday morning at 9am. 

I am getting excited for the Open and was checking out our first Open pictures...

I am getting excited for the Open and was checking out our first Open pictures…

Workout of the Day
21 Doubleunders
14 Pushups
7 Front Squats 115/75