Deadlift # for cleans??


Deadlift # for cleans??

As discussed, store we will be doing something a little different this week.  Instead of setting the number, you will use your Deadlift number to decide the weight you use for the Clean.  If you are efficient, this strong and efficient, this should be a good blend of heavy and fast.  If you are very strong but not terribly efficient at the clean, you may find yourself really fighting the bar.  Conversely, if you are not very strong, but, say technically proficient or really good at pulling your body under the bar, you  may find this is too light.

We will continue our Wallball sets, adding 1 rep this week.  Ideally, in a couple of weeks we will be up to 15.  I will program a similar piece for Thrusters in a few week.  It’s Open season, folks.


Workout of the Day

Clean sets of 15-12-9 each for time

Score is the weight you used and the time it took to complete each set.  Use 50% of your Deadlift 1RM or scale to move something relatively heavy.

To work as a group, we will begin a new set every 6 minutes.


Wallball Shots

OTM for 10

Add 1 rep to your set from last week.  If you did 10, do 11 this week.