Uncharted Waters


Uncharted Waters

So, I admit, I am enjoying the “march” to 1,000,000 meters. I have “started” this once before, and I think I tapped out before I hit 20,000. Now, I’m coming close to 40k.

I haven’t been exactly crushing the row – I just warm up and cool down with it for about 5 minutes every day. That seems to be giving me around 2,000m.

I’ve done the math – I realize this aint gonna get me to 1 million. To get to 7 digits – you need to row over 3,000 meters per day. With normal rest days, that becomes closer to 5,000 per day, and probably more like 6,000. If done at low intensity, this will mean an extra 30 minutes of rowing per day.

You can do that – but here is my thoughts on this challenge. The rowing should not replace the normal fitness endeavors. It is in addition to your fitness, not central to it.

I chose this as a task because I wanted to improve my cardio. But I don’t want it to feel like slog or a solitary challenge. That’s why we want to use some group nights – probably once a month – to have a fun hour of rowing and mixing in other stuff. Come join us next Friday.

Workout of the Day


5 sets of 2, 85%



7 Snatch 95/65

20 Situps